Don't have plans for summer? Want to get better at basketball? You are at the right place!

What is Basketball Mastery?

Basketball Mastery is a brand where we try to help young athletes on and off the court. It is a journey between coach and athlete that we work and improve on every single day. The concept comes from the word "Mastery" which is something that every person is trying to achieve in any activity that they are currently focused on. 

During your journey with us we will aim towards our common goal:

- help develop your basketball skills

Basketball Summer Camps

Basketball Mastery Camp is a summer activity that enables young athletes to develop their individual skills in the game of basketball. 

BM Camps is also a great opportunity to grow in other aspects of life, as the camp includes variety of knowledge and experience from our coaching staff. 

Our training program is designed so any athlete male/female can join and expand their basketball knowledge and individual skills.

We have three different summer camp programs that you can choose for male and female athletes from ages 12 to 22:

Why coose us

Basketball Mastery Camp


In all our summer camp programs our primary focus is on improving each and every athlete. With that said, it is highly important that each and every athletes gets enough designated time with our coaching staff to help better their individual skills on the court. 

Here is a list of just a few priorities that we consider here at Basketball Mastery as essential towards an individual approach to our athletes:

  • One coach for maximum 7 athletes
  • Designated time and space for athletes questions 
  • Adapting our training program to individual needs of each athlete


There will be classroom seminars offered in our camps that will include VIP hosts joining us to talk about their experiences and expertise in different fields that are related to the game of basketball and can help YOU as an athlete even after the camp has finished.


Our coaching staff consists of people who have experiences with young athletes and their individual development, not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad. The head coach of the basketball camp is from Spain, so he will not only teach the players basketball skills, but the training sessions with him will be conducted in English.

Our basketball camps staff consists of :

  • head coach - Gonzalo Hermoso (ES)
  • coach - Filip Novotný (CZ)
  • coach - Tadeáš Manas (CZ)
  • conditioning coach- Dominik Dosoudil (CZ)
  • administration team members


Basketball is an amazing and growing game all over the world. With the expansion of basketball and the development of different technologies makes possible to view basketball from a different angle.

In our camp programs athletes will be able to view basketball from a different angle. Basketball is not only improved on the court, as you can expand your knowledge of basketball with video analysis.