You can find everything that individual programs include in the Programs

Skill Development Camp

Date : 07.07. - 12.07.2024

Skill Development Camp 

This is the main camp that we have to offer this summer.

410 €


Skill Development + Strength and Conditioning Camp

Date : 07.07. - 12.07.2024

Skill Development Camp + Strength and Conditioning

This is the same camp training program with the addition of the strength and conditioning program. This extra curriculum will give athletes the chance to not only improve basketball on the court but also gain strength and agility

530 €


Shooting Clinics

Date : 13.07.2024

Standard program

Working on improving athletes shot technique, speed and precision

40 €

Video footage of workout

This is a fully edited video of athletes shooting during the clinic

40 €


Individual practices


Individual practices - IN PROCESS

4x pratices (1,5h) group of maximum five athletes with one coach. 


Summer individual practices

Whenever over the summer an athlete is interested in an individual practice with any of our coaches. We offer individual practices where we go more in depth on 1:1 ratio of practices.

The price is given for 1 hour.

40 €

Creating an individual shooting plan

This is an option for creating an individual plan for athlete that he/she can follow during the summer and upcoming season

125 €