People, who will give you personal experiences, improve your basketball skills and much more!

Coaching staff

As it's the first year of the Basketball Mastery Camp we have gathered the best team to support YOU as an athlete on and off the basketball court. Each member of our team has come from a different background and brings diversity to our programs. Furthermore our staff is international as our head coach is Gonzalo Hermoso from Spain

Head Coach of Basketball Mastery Camps


Hi my name is Gonzalo Hermoso and I am from the European basketball powerhouse, Spain. I graduated in physical activity and sports science. Furthermore I have a coach FIBA license. Here are a couple of experiences throughout the last 5 years.


  • Head Coach CB La Zubia (EBA League) 2022/2023

  • Head Coach GBA Lions U19 2021/2022

  • Assistant Coach CB La Zubia (EBA League) 2019-21.

Sport successes

Experience working in offseason with Leb Gold, Leb Silver, EBA and NCAA players like Álvaro Cárdenas. 

Coach and Head of administration

Filip Novotný

My name is Filip Novotný, I am the head organisator of this years Basketball Mastery summer camps. This is something I envisioned for a long time, as one of my dreams was always to help young athletes develop their basketball and life skills. So I am super excited for this years summer in Prague.


My personal experience with young athletes are always throughout the summer, because I am still an active basketball player myself it is hard to focus on developing young athletes. Which is why I designate time over the summer, where I have helped multiple individuals gain confidence and passion in the game of basketball with individual and group workouts. The most experience I have gained however is from my very good friend and mentor Gilbert Abraham, who helped my basketball and life journey and is one of the main reasons I would like to help others with their basketball journeys. Furthermore in the year 2020 I was a coach at the GBA summer camp in Jindrichuv Hradec, which further helped me learn what is necessary to be a skill development coach. 

Sport successes

  • U19 bronze medal at 2018 national championships

  • U19 gold medal at 2019 national championships

  • Winner of first division mens 2019

  • Rookie year in KNBL averaged 11.3 ppg (2021-22)

Basketball Coach

Tomáš Reimer

My name is Tomáš Reimer. I am currently a U17 head extra-league head coach and Mens second division assistant coach of Sokol Pražský. I am working with young athletes in Prague for over eight years. Basketball brought me to work with young athletes as I am a former player and I wanted to give back to what the game has given me. 

I am excited for this summers Basketball Mastery Camps!


  • Head coach SCM Sokol Pražký

  • Member of coaching staff on the national team U18 ČR (2018-2021)

Sport successes

  • Final four U17

  • National champs U14

Head of conditioning and massages

Dominik Dosoudil

My name is Dominik Dosoudil. I am a sports and reconditioning masseur and a ice-hockey goalkeeper, who also professionally works in kinesiotaping. Since 2020 I am very interested in healthy diets, foods and nutrition advices.


I am a graduate from the field of Sports and Reconditioning Masseur. I attained my professional practice at the Bohdaneč Spa. Since 2013 I am a regular participant in the International ice-hockey goalkeepers camp. From the years 2020 - 2022 I was working at the Physical Education Reconditioning and Rehabilitation Therapy. Currently I work in the KNBL basketball team BK Kvis Pardubice.

Sport Successes

To my personal sports accomplishments includes the championship title of Hradec Kralové region in ice hockey(2018/2019) with BK Nová Paka.